This is the most effective cleaning process. It is suitable for wool and synthetic rugs (whose colors are relatively stable) as well as for carpets.

First of all, the rugs & carpets get washed with hypoallergenic and biodegradable detergents, by using copious amounts of water at temperatures lower than 20 º C.

Secondly, they pass through a centrifugal drainage, to remove excess water and to eliminate the possibility of bleeding colors on the motif and/or on the peripheral sections (fringing)

Durable rugs & carpets and carpet products, get selected for wet cleaning, after being vacuumed and placed (one at a time) into a fully automated washing machine, where they move with elastic oscillating straps. The rugs & carpets pass successively from all stages of the washing cycle (moistening, soaking, scrubbing, rinsing 1, rinsing 2, brushing,rolling ).

The whole process is performed under the strict supervision of the operator, who has the ability to choose the right wash programme for each case. He is also able, to interfere at anytime with individual settings in order to achieve the best possible result.

Various handmade rugs, can be cleaned by wet cleaning, even though,

the general rule is that such rugs are sensitive; a percentage thereof may be subjected to wet cleaning.

In that case, the cleaning is done with hand tools and detergents of neutral PH,so as to reduce to a minimum the mechanical and chemical stress.